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August 13, 2012
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Twilight cracks open A Unicorn's Guide to Fire Fighting and tries out one of the techniques. :reading:

Uh, Twilight... I think you're doing it wrong :iconfacehoofplz:

- - -

Created as my puppet test for the Double Rainboom project. More information about Double Rainboom can be found here: [link]

- - -

All credit for My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic and Twilight Sparkle goes to Hasbro/DHX and Lauren Faust.

Twilight Sparkle assets from Flamingo1986. Puppet rig here: [link]

EDIT: I found the background via a Google image search [link], but I think it's from Drud14's My Little Pony: Flash Resource Kit [link] at my best guess. If anyone can verify this, I would really appreciate it! :D

EDIT: Sound samples were either pulled from MLP:FiM or found on

All other assets (book, candle, etc.) and animation are mine.
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I think i would write my critiques in Critique section (cause I usually writing a critiques in usual comment box ^^;)

This animation basically is pretty good, the way how twilight trying to learn a new spell of fire element is quite funny, she burn that book and extinguish it with a water spell immediately and she got that water splash make her mane wet, somehow that's make me giggle :giggle: but i say that natural cause it's her first try (i think) to learn that spell. fortunately it's only a book, if it was whole library, i think i will rofl a lot :rofl:

Unfortunately, i see a point which make me disappointed after watching your animation, i read your description you write and well, you give credit, but not entirely you give it, you say other asset besides puppet rigs and the owner of MLP is by yours? you draw a background, animate teleport and animate horn glow by yourself? not to mean harsh, but someone with initials D-14 just share a similar assets from Hubworld and give it to everyone by clicking a link and download it instantly, and I'm sure you see it too and impossible you didn't download it.

but well, overall (Vision and Technique) is good, as your test of MLP animation which using puppet rigs is pretty nice, the movement looks real (for me) it's so smooth, easing and flow is perfect, I'm sure you can do better if you do more and practice or test

Lastly, as my suggestion you should notice the animator attitude of giving the attribute (credits) to a thing which you didn't produced (created) by yourself and used in your animation. Sorry if i typing a word which not pleased or unacceptable for you, to be honest, i just a student and just want to give my opinion of what i just watching.

7/10 (Actually 8/10, if you can fix the point i type on this critique)

(Love and Peace)
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Alright, a critique. Haven't done many of these, so, here we go(gonna make this as quick as possible).

I like this, like, a lot. It's a quick little bite-sized flash animation, depicting a purple unicorn, who appears to be trying to learn to set things on fire. I'm making the assumption that that's what you set out to animate. The vision's there, believe me, it's all there. (I read that back, from the 2nd sentence, 'til here, and chuckled.) Beautifully done. Animation's smooth-silky, even. This roughly 5 second looping Flash has an air of polish, and professionalism that a lot of the 10 minute "animated shorts" that other fan animators just seem to barely(but noticeably, mind you ) miss. Puppets, or no puppets, You accomplished something. (4.5 for vision, because I didn't quite understand that Twilight was trying NOT to set things on fire {makes more sense, now, with the extinguisher on the book}, but that was half of the fun. )

Can't give you full marks for originality. I want to, but an image of one Patrick Star continues to flash across my field of vision, whenever I move the star rating any higher. Explain that one. (3.5, because of the aforementioned Starfish. That jerk.)

Technique knocks off half a star, because the mane clips on the book shelf twice. The water at the end also feels like a slightly cheap wipe effect, to hide the pre-existing Ninja-puddle, which looks respectably puddlish, despite not affecting twilight's shadow. Magic colour is outdated, as of S2E3 and sometimes, Twi stands worryingly still. Other than that, perfect to the point where I feel like this was the thing missing in my already-pony-filled life. I saw some glitches and shortcuts, but I saw more than enough potential to make up for it.

Let's get this out of the way. This did not change my life. It offered me some comfort in the fact that this project has animators of your caliber, working on it, and little else. I did not sprout wings, or swap voices with Applejack (You're totally working on it, though, right? Right!?) By tomorrow, I will have moved on, maybe, think about it whenever I think of the Pushing Patrick thing (This is way better. We'll cal it... Teleporting Twilight. No? OK) (Giving it an honest 2.5. It gave me faith in this project, and nothing else. Stupid voice.)

Overall, we now know that Twilight isn't the only one doing magical things, here. Great job, puppets or no puppets. Pay attention to the water effect. I know it was just a demo thing, but treat it like the real thing, and you'll treat the real thing like the real thing.

Stephan989 Outie!
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